Holy Spirit, Help Me Be…

This book was written to help kids to be mindful of others, to help them understand that the Holy Spirit is always present, and if they welcome the Holy Spirit in their lives, he will help them to be kind, thoughtful, and giving to others. Also, to help them know Christ Jesus loves them and wants them to obey his words, instruction, and teaching. To help them know if they make a mistake Jesus will forgive them, and that they can be free to be whom God called them to be.

The book is to help the kids and others know that the Holy Spirit is with them to help them/us be all that we can be. The Holy Spirit will help them/us if we listen and obey, if we build a relationship with Jesus the Holy Spirit will be with them/us always to guide and direct us. The Holy Spirit will help them/us be kind and nice to others, keep them/us from some trouble if they/we listen and obey. The key thing for kids is listening to directions and following directions obeying parents and authority. This book is a push to obedience, asking for forgiveness if they make a mistake, and to let the kids and others know the Holy Spirit was created just for them/us.