Michelle Denise Ingram

Michelle Ingram is currently the Associate VP of Credentialing for HealthSmart Management Services Organization in Cypress, CA. A Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist (CPCS), Michelle has 24 years of credentialing experience in the Health Care/Medical Services industry and has worked for some amazing companies such as United HealthCare, Healthcare Partners, Kaiser Permanente Sunset & West LA, and Molina Health Plan of California. Throughout her career, Michelle has worked in various areas of hospital credentialing/privileging, including–Medical Staff Office, Managed Care Organizations, and Health Plans. Michelle was honored to be named in The Global Directory of Who’s Who in recognition of hard work, dedication, perseverance and for demonstrating leadership and achievement in her occupation, industry and profession in 2022. With a heart for training and giving to others, Michelle has excelled at developing staff members and building credentialing departments in which her team members function at the highest level and deliver outstanding results. With each new challenge and opportunity, Michelle rises to the occasion, giving it her all, operating in excellence, increasing her experience and advancing her career. Michelle’s heart for ministry has open doors where she has hosted a Christian Broadcast called “Let’s Talk Bible” based scripture Proverbs 3:5-6 on The Now Network that was viewed in over 236 Million homes in the United States, Western Europe, & Sub-Saharan Africa on Cable & Satellite Television. Michelle has done book interviews by radio and streaming live broadcast. Michelle has been very involved in ministry with young women, youth, teaching Sunday School, Ministering the Word of God through her life testimonies at Women Events, Women Retreats, and Holy Convocations. Michelle is inspired and driven to help the next generation, youth and children by putting a book in their hands to have a better fulfilled life and eternal life with Jesus Christ.